9. RevisionsΒΆ

  • IP updates (1.1.3)
    • added an extra master-transactor side fifo arry for the W channel book-keeping
  • Doc updates (May 27 2020)
    • updated docs extensively to capture the working of the current implementation.
  • Doc updates (May 7 2020)
    • remove version from the front page.
  • IP updates (1.1.2)
    • explicitly check if the master xactors have pending transactions, for participation in round robin arbitration. This has been applied to axi4 and axi4l fabrics
  • IP updates (1.1.1)
    • removing dtc dependency check from manager.sh
  • Doc updates (April 23 2020)
    • updated steps in all IPs to use a config yaml
  • IP updates (1.1.0)
    • using yaml files to configure instances.
    • using cog to generate instance files and thereby verilog.
    • use same memory map function return type in apb as axi
    • round-robin logic in axi4/axi4lite updated. We now maintain a tiney register per slave to track its priority. This removes the restriction of having only max 5 masters on the crossbars.
    • remove README in axi4/test and axi4_lite/test folders
    • new targets in Makefile for generating bsv instance files through cogapp
    • suppressed warnings during Bluespec compilation
    • adding test-config.py to automate generation of legal parameters of various ips.